- Sam Herren 1987 (written about my experience in a Baptist Church.)

The Ladies of the Court of the Mouth
Organic Orifices of Death

These ladies can be so amazing,
They giggle and chatter, their talk is not ceasing.
They talk till my eyes start glazing;
You’d think that their jaws would need greasing!
Their voice is like spikes, digging and twisting,
They moan and they sigh, their talk is not ceasing.
What did she say? Yes, but of course I am listening…
What choice have I got? Your talk is not ceasing!
Please, go ahead, this talk is so interesting.
How amazing to know your jaws are that strong,
To move your mouth so loud, for so long!
To fill up the air with such noise –and say nothing… intriguing.
Their hands chase their mouths,
In meaningless routes,
As their voice grinds my bones unceasing.
Are their minds and mouths in disjoint?
Why won’t they come to the point?
Their voices drone on, too sharp, without ceasing,
My thoughts are too muddy,
I think that my brain is uncreasing!
I realize my danger too late,
And now I am doomed to my fate.
To listen to voices unceasing,
While, slowly, my brain is uncreasing.