Vithar Herren December 25, 1993

Yule Oaths


An Ase I wit Alfadhir Wod

One-eyed He wanders

All over the globe

No steading is safe From self-wounded Wod


Mead is His drink Many declare.

Feast after ritual, Few will retire,

Symbel is next, served near the fire.

Skalds rise singing speak songs of worship.


Hearing the words of hallowed Wod

Ring through the worlds, Reginn gather.

Blood-brew of dwarves brightens the Hof

As folk recite frith fills the Fane.


Lopt's brother listens logging the lore

of boasts to Valorious bragging or lies.

Words wielded wisely wreak wealful wyrd.

Who speak staves untrothful Not Norns' design,

Remember this rede Ropt is Maligned!