Heathen Kinship Blessings

The Blessing of Vali      (Read about the origins of Vali's Blot)

Materials: Cord to be knotted

Hallowing: Harrow is arranged in standard fashion and all celebrants will be standing and facing the North.
• The Hammer Signing
• Adoration to Sunna
• The Hammer Rite

"This stead is hallowed to our work here today. As the God Heimdall wards the Bifrost Bridge, so is this stead warded against all unholy wights and ways."

(The short Seeress' Prophecy)
In western dwellings Vali will be born of Rind
One night old,
He will avenge Odhinn's son
He will not wash hands He will not comb hair
Until Baldr's killer is burned on the pyre

Rede: "Vali was born to avenge the death of Balder, who was the culmination of all that was good and beautiful. Vali's vengeance allowed Balder the chance of Re-Birth in a future time, and was necessary to uphold the laws of the Aesir. Just as Vali persevered in His quest, so must we remain true to our beliefs, and convictions, standing up for what is Right. On this night, we call on Vali to continue to uphold the laws of the folk, and preserve our ways. We remember the ties of kin and understand our bonds with them. We remember the martyrs killed and devoured during this present Wolf-age of the White-Christ. We remember as well our oaths of troth and trust to those gathered 'round the harrow."

Call: "Vali, son of Rind, Etin-wife now among the Aesir...and Sigtyr, son of Borr, born of Buri, spawn of the wind-cold corn...WE CALL THEE!!!"

Loading: Mead is poured into the drinking horn while and assistant to the speaker stands with twine held in a loose knot over the rim of the horn, as the speaker says:

"Dweller in the home of our forebears...thou art the god who frees the long-bound force! Unbind now the bonds of narrow mindedness and spiritual slavery...free the fetters in which we have long abode, apart from kith and kin...lost from the Gods of old! Unbind the bonds and free the fetters...as the knot is unknit...(here the knot over the horn is unknotted)...boundless are the bonds...free are the fetters!"

[Drums begin a steady beat as the folk begin to chant the following:]

"Vali-Ali-Vali-Ali-Vali.................." The gathered folk continue the chanting and drumming as the speaker intones:

"God of vengeance, heave up the holy might of the old ones, who rest uneasy deep down below! Rebind us in their troth, again we hear their Holy Rede and with this knot again we know their mighty Myne!" (Drumming and chanting stops. Here the assistant ties twine onto the horn itself and the speaker says:)
"Vali to thee vows and valued oaths are gladly given. Light the fire of the elder's minds and in love bind the kin!"

(Speaker hallows the horn with the sign of the hammer)

Drinking: The horn is passed around in the standard fashion. When the holy liquid is poured into the blessing bowl the speaker vibrates the following words:

“Vali Ali Vali Ali Vali!”

Blessing: The mead is sprinkled on the harrow and the gathered folk with the words:

"May the blessing of Vali be upon this harrow and upon all true and good folk here gathered..........May the blessing of Vali be upon you!"

Giving: The holy liquid is poured out onto the west side of the harrow with the words:

“To Vali this gift is given!”

Leaving: "Thus our work again is wrought. It renews our hearts to do deeds worthy and true, to strive towards our goals with mighty moods, wise words, and trust in our own powers and abilities... ever holding our oaths to ourselves and to our folk. Onward (to Sumble and onward) to ultimate Victory!

Hail to Victory!!! Hail to Victory!!! Hail to Victory!!!