Heathen Kinship Blessings

Hammer Signing


The first ritual that is done is a relaxation ritual of some sort. I realize that to some of you this would seem to be a very elementary step. One needs to keep in mind, however, that it is of vital importance to begin your day (and indeed all of your workings) in the proper frame of mind. This may be as simple as taking a long hot bath with scents and herbs or may be as complex as going into a trance state complete with creative visualizations and full ceremony. The method here is not of any great importance with the exception that it be comfortable for the individual employing it and achieving a relaxed state. Once this has been achieved the true person is ready to go in to the next step. He/She goes to their Ve (alter room), and assuming that they have one, donning their Thorr's Hammer, while facing their harrow (alter) located in the north and perform the Hammer Signing.

The purpose is many faceted. It is essentially a protection ritual, but with much further reaching nuances. In this work, all true and good folk are capable of reaching up into the light descending from Ljossalfheimr or even higher in Ashardh and make it, along with the might and main of the Gods, part of themselves. To begin with the person should see a glowing ball of pure light directly about their head. The person then reaches up with either the right or left hand (depending on circumstance or orientation) grasping the essence of this holy light and draw it down towards the forehead. While doing this the god-name Tyr should be vibrated or sung. the individual continues to bring down the light through the head reaching the mouth and throat area where Wotan should be vibrated. The Wo part at the mouth and the tan sound at the throat. It is most common to drop in pitch upon the second syllable of Wotan. At this point gently coax the light to the area around the solare plexus and with an almost explosion of sound sing Thunar! It is helpful to raise the pitch in the second half of the name here. then bring the light across to the left shoulder where the name Frey is vibrated. Lead the light across your chest until reaching the right shoulder and vibrate the name of the erotic Freya. The overall sensation upon completion of this rite is one of feeling much taller nad the sense of strength coupled with harmony. The reason lies in the nature of the deities called.

First let us examine the god Tyr. He is a god of rational thought and good judgment, as well as being a warrior. When we call upon him in this rite we are primarily dealing with truth in good judgement = RIGHT! Wotan's industrious nature is the attaiunment of wisdom. Thunar, of couse, stands for MIGHT in all of its aspects. He also embodies the quilities of steadfastness and fidelity that those in Asatrú quest after. The Lord of the Harvest, Frey is primarily associated with the nature of Frith or Peace in this ritual. The lovely and sensual Freya rules over Freedom and Frolic at this juncture. All together they form and almost impenetrable armor consisting of a helm of Righteous Judgment, a coif of Wisdom, with a breastplate of Raw Might and armed with a sword that protects our Harvest of Peace and a shield of protection in our Freedom of Frolic. Each one tempers and balances the other to form both the feeling of power and harmony that one experiences each time the working is performed.

Upon competion of the Hammer Signing is an excellent time in which to petition the god for favor or to give a general honorific to the Aesir and Vanir. This is also a good time in which to contemplate your goals for the day and any boasts or oaths you have taken.

** note to purists..  NO, this is not a "historically accurate" ritual.  No one has any idea if the Vikings, early Northern European Pagans, the Germanic Tribes, or any other group actually did anything like this.  Very probably some of them did things very similar, since there are similar "rituals" done in most spiritual practices around the world.   We don't claim that Vikings stood around chanting TTTIIIIIIWWWWWW while envisioning light descending to the chakra at their forehead.  But we do claim that spiritual people all over the world have all come up with similar ways of energizing themselves and this one is just as valid as any!