Heathen Kinship Blessings

The Great Blessing of Harvest  (Read about the meaning here)

Hallowing: The harrow is set up in the usual fashion with the addition of an antler. A
runic circle representing the Wheel of the Year and the eightfold divisions of heaven is laid before the harrow. Then those gathered perform the following:

1) Hammer Signing
2) Adoration to Sunna (evening rite)
3) Hammer Rite
4) Rite of Dedication (Havamal 164 Hollander’s)

Chisholm 163: “I know an eighteenth that none know,
Neither maid, nor man’s wife.
It is always better kept secret,
Except to the one who lies in my arms,
Or my sister.”

Gydhja: "This stead is hallowed for our work here today. As the god Heimdall wards the Bifrost Bridge, so is this stead warded against all unholy wights and ways. The Hof is now raised on high! Let all true and good folk now gathered be here of their own free will in full Frith and Grith!"

Lay: Recital of the Skirnirmal (See Frey and Gerda.doc)

Rede: "Today we see the fruits of our labor. At this time and in this place we call for the good harvest of our deeds, as is our just reward. Hail to the Vanic Wardens of the West in whose bounties we now abide!"

Call: (while holding the antler and dagger overhead and facing West the Godhi says:)

Godhi: "In the coming of the nightwind we hear you rustling the leaves of the world tree O'Autumn...We taste you in the blood of holy sacrifice...the chosen harvest ham is readied for the spit. We taste your erotic blessings on the honey of our lover's lips. The coming darkness of the winter nights is felt in thy twilight."

(The Godhi then turns to the North, facing the harrow and chants:)

Godhi: "Hail unto thee children of the day! All hail the coming dawn!
Hail unto thee Dark Lady of the night and your daughters of the shadows!
Again ye have returned in fullness,
Again you swell in wholeness Ever equal as in Wotan's law!
Going ever deeper and deeper on to Hela to meet!
The fruits of Freyr And his erotic sister Freya,
We claim this harvest-tide to hold
As our rightful bounty!
Through the toil of the year have our words and deeds
Found Great Rewards!"

(After a pause, while still facing to the North the Godhi intones the calls:)

Gydhja (NE): "From the Inner-North we call Gerda!"
All: "We give thee Welcome!"
Godhi (E): "From the East we call the Lustful Freyja!"
All: "We give thee Welcome!"
Gydhja (SE): "From the Inner-South we call Vaningi!"
All: "We give thee Welcome!"
Godhi (S): "From the Birch Trees of the South we call Birkana!"
All: "We give thee Welcome!"
Gydhja (SW): "From the Outer-South we call Sensual Vanadis!"
All: "We give thee Welcome!"
Godhi (W): "From the West we call Freyr and his Harvest of Frith!"
All: "We give thee Welcome!"
Gydhja (NW): "From the Outer-North we call Skirnir!"
All: "We give thee Welcome!"
Godhi (N): "From the North we call Mighty Ingvi!"
All: "We give thee Welcome!"

Godhi: “Again we call to thee, in all your many names. Be among us here this Harvest-tide as the Folk reap the rewards of their toil.”

All: “Hail all the Gods! Hail all the Goddesses! Hail all the Holy Ones who dwell together!”

Loading: (The Folk are asked to bring forward their gifts to the Gods and leave them on or by the harrow. Then the Gydhja turns to the harrow and pours the mead into the ritual drinking horn, while holding the horn aloft saying:)

Gydhja: "We give you the gifts of our works woven and blended with the might and main of the mead. It binds us...Gods and Folk together...it helps in our striving towards the shining plain where the wights and the worlds dwell in wholeness. May these gifts be given back to us anew, that we may work with our kindred wights and realms all-round – toward ever greater growth and weal.”

Drinking: (The mixture of mead is passed after being blessed by the hammer sign.)

Blessing and Sacrifice: (the speaker sprinkles the harrow while intoning:)

Gydhja: "I hallow this harrow with the blood of Kvasir!”

The Gydhja then turns to the Northeast and traveling in a circle begins to bless the eightfold divisions of the outer worlds. While doing this, she chants:

Gydhja: "I hallow the horns Of the Worlds All Wyrd
With Kvasir's Blood
By thought, word and deed!"

The Gydhja then blesses the gathered Folk and intones:

“May the blessings of the Lord of the Harvest
And the Lady All-Bright be upon the Folk!"

(The gifts are blessed. Individual blessings shall be at will)

Giving: The Folk offer their gifts to the Gods. The Gydhja returns to the harrow holding up the blessing bowl and facing the West, says:

Gydhja: "Take well these gifts Our bounty to you
Oh wondrous wights of the west!"

Upon completion of statement, the content of the blessing bowl is emptied directly west of the harrow.

"...Thus our work again is wrought. It renews our hearts to do deeds worthy and true…to strive towards our goals with mighty moods, wise words and trust in our own powers and abilities...ever holding our oaths to ourselves and to our Folk…(Onward to Sumble and) ONWARD TO ULTIMATE VICTORY!!!”