Heathen Kinship Blessings

The Greatest Blessing of Midsummer

The harrow is set to the north in a standard fashion with the banner flying in the background. The folk are gathered into quadrants leaving two paths running from east to west and north to south. Alternatively, the Odin’s Eye can be drawn upon the ground. When all are gathered, and ready to begin, the banners are raised and the hallowing begins...

Hallowing: 1. Hammer Signing
2. Adoration to Sunna
3. Hammer Rite

Speaker: "This stead is hallowed for our work here today. As the god Heimdallr wards the Bifrost Bridge, so is this stead warded against all unholy wights and ways. The Hof is now raised on high! Let all true and good folk now gathered be here of their own free will in full Frith and Grith!"

Lay: The binding of Fenris is to be performed.


Speaker: "On this noon-tide of the midsummer we gather together as in the days of Yore in order to greet Sunna at her highest and brightest stead. Here we stand in honor of all the Aesir and the Vanir and to all those who by their deeds serve them. We call upon them to once more make ripe their might and main in our lives. We call upon you all, O'Ancient Ones who dwell in darkness and light as a whole within Wotan's law."


Speaker: "Wotan, we are awed by thy craft,
Tyr, we stay true to the forever,
Balder, thy brightness and boldness guides us,
Frigga, thy fruit and motherly wisdom keeps us all,
Idunna, thine apples renew our hearts and lives,
Thunar, thy thunder wards our stead,
Freya, we get freedom from thy frolic,
Frey, from thee we get a harvest of Frith!"

All: (In response to each god called)

"We give thee welcome!"

Speaker: " Again we call to you in all your names, be among us here this noon-tide as the year reaches its height and the brightness of Sunna shines at her highest stead:
"Hail all the Gods...Hail all the Goddesses...
Hail all the Holy ones,
Who dwell together within and without,
In the noon-tide of this day we ring in the dawn
Of a new era!"

All: "Hail all the gods, hail all the goddesses, hail all the holy ones who dwell together!"

Loading: (holding the horn aloft and facing north)

Speaker: "We give you the gifts of our works woven and blended with the might and main of the mead. It binds us...Gods and Folk together...it helps in our striving towards the shining plain where the wights and the worlds dwell in wholeness. Sunna has risen to the pinnacle of power while the Eagle gazes from the topmost branch of the world tree...May his sight find us not wanting is wisdom."

Drinking: (in standard fashion)

Blessing: (the speaker walks 3 times around the harrow while intoning:)

Speaker: "The blessing of all the Gods and Goddesses of our folk be upon us!"

(Individual blessings shall be at will)

Meditation: (all gathered begin to chant the following:)

Othala - Dagaz - Berkano - Sowilo - Fehu - Thurisaz
( 3 times each and then once each)
( 3 times, after all others)

Giving: "To Wotan, Tyr, Balder, Frigga, Idunna, Thunar, Freya, Frey and to all the Aesir and Vanir...Our hearts and gifts of mead and craft we give to thee for thy blessings of good harvest and Frith!"

Leaving: "...Thus our work again is wrought. It renews our hearts to do deeds worthy and true…to strive towards our goals with mighty moods, wise words and trust in our own powers and abilities...ever holding our oaths to ourselves and to our Folk…(Onward to Sumble and) ONWARD TO ULTIMATE VICTORY!!!”