Heathen Kinship Blessings

The Great Blessing of Thing’s Tide
A Blessing of Tiw

The harrow is set to the north in a standard fashion.

Hallowing: 1. Hammer Signing
2. Adoration to Sunna
3. Hammer Rite

Speaker: "This thing-stead is hallowed for our work here today. As the god Heimdall wards the Bifrost Bridge, so is this stead warded against all unholy wights and ways. The Hof is now raised on high! Let all true and good folk now gathered be here of their own free will in full Frith and Grith!"

Lay: The binding of Fenris is to be performed.


Speaker: "Under the might and main of the great god Tiw, we are gathered together here, gods and folk together, to hold a holy thing. May he make our moods all-mighty and our words all-wise."


Speaker: "From thy stead deep within the Yrminsul we call to thee O mighty lord of laws and leavings of the wolf! Thou who, by the ordeal of battle, metes out good speed and bad, in the highest of laws all-whole. Fare now forth, O mighty one-handed god from thy high-seat deep within the most hidden halls of Asgard! Come shine thy light of law and right over our deeds and doings upon this thing-stead!"

All: "Tiw, we give thee welcome!"

Loading: (holding the horn aloft and facing north)

Speaker: "Tiw, we give you this horn blended with the might and main of all our deeds and doings, that thou shalt mete out that law as we all have it coming to us!"

Drinking: (in standard fashion, making the hammer sign or the T-rune over the rim before drinking)

Blessing: (the speaker walks two times around the harrow while intoning:)

Speaker: "The great blessing of Tiw be upon this thing-stead!"

"And may his blessing be upon all the gathered folk!"

(Individual blessings shall be at will)

Giving: "To Tiw, high-god of the heavens, and to Earth, mother of us all!"

Leaving: "...Thus our work again is wrought. It renews our hearts to do deeds worthy and true…to strive towards our goals with mighty moods, wise words and trust in our own powers and abilities...ever holding our oaths to ourselves and to our Folk…(Onward to Sumble and) ONWARD TO ULTIMATE VICTORY!!!”