Heathen Kinship Calendar

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::Yule::  The Greatest Blessing of the Year.  Thursday, December 31st 2015 (Peter's House)

The Blessing of 2016 will be decided on at Yule, and posted ASAP!

  • YULE!!!!   The largest blessing of the year will be at Peter's Haus on Thusday, December 31st from 5pm till 9pm.  You'll still have time to go on and do New Year's Even celebrating elsewhere, although you are welcome to stay at Peter's and sleep over if you like.  There will be a kindred potluck dinner (so everyone bring a dish), and there will be a Viking Gift exchange (suspiciously like a Chinese Christmas), gifts should be brought by everyone that wants to participate and should all be under $30 if they are purchased gifts.

   ** Kindred Members and novices keep watch for Survey Monkey Surveys in your email that we have on file.  We'll be sending out Surveys soon for more upcoming blessings.



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