Thane Code of Honor

  1. I am a Thane, a volunteer freely serving my kindred faithfully and with honor.

  1. Every Thane is my comrade, irrespective of their nationality, personal wealth, or rank.

  1. Discipline & Vigilance define my character. I am respectful of the traditions of the Thanes, honoring my superiors at all times. Courage and loyalty are my virtues.

  1. I am Proud of my status as a Thane, I will display this pride, by my turnout, always impeccable; my behavior, ever worthy of my status.

  1. I am an elite warrior, an elite soldier at need: I will train vigorously. I will always maintain my weapons as if they were my most precious possessions. I will keep my body fit so that I can serve with honor.

  1. A mission once given to me becomes sacred; I will accomplish it to the end and at all costs.

  1. In combat or in peace time I will carry out my task in a professional manner; I will respect the vanquished enemy and will never abandon our wounded, nor will I under any circumstances surrender my arms.

  1. I will defend my faith, honor, and the good name of my kindred and the Thane Guild in an appropriate manner.

  1. I am a patriot, and will obey the laws of the land, but not if those laws contradict the Constitution, or my oath or code.