Day to Day Heathenry

You’re a modern-day Viking, worshiping (honoring) the gods of your ancestors, gods of magic, battle, violence, wisdom, and poetry. You also go to work each day, take care of the kids, do chores around the house, deal with customers, bosses, and such. How do you transition back and forth from the one to the other?

Here in the Herren Haus, we have blended Asatru with our day to day lives, sometimes quite well, and sometimes not well enough. We have no rituals that we perform everyday to honor the gods, we have no prayers that we say before meals, we don’t even require ourselves to wear a hammer every day or a T-shirt with a clever Viking saying. We DO have a shelf set aside for the gods, where we keep our kindred’s drinking horn, our personal horns, some wooden blessing bowls, and other accouterments. We DO call on the gods anytime we feel the need for a little guidance or help in our lives. We also regularly pour out a libation to the gods when we’re having a drink after dinner. When it’s thundering outside, we’ve been known to yell out an impromptu “Hail Thor”, and when the sun breaks out from behind a heavy overcast, we’ve been known to yell “Hail Sunna!” But these things are not enough by themselves to make us feel close to the gods.

The thing that makes us feel closest to the gods is those times that we take 10 minutes or so and stand together outside, under a tree, and speak (call it praying if you want) to Frigga or Odin.. Telling them what’s on our minds, and what we hope to accomplish. Asking for their guidance, if they want to give it. Sharing a horn of mead with them and then waiting silently to “listen” for any reply. Those few minutes, irregular and impromptu are the times that we slow down from our hectic lives and listen to the gods, actively. I’m sure meditation would be great, and there are probably esoteric runic rituals that we could learn (or just make up for ourselves), but for us, it’s those few quiet minutes taken together that help us feel closer to each other and closer to the gods.

Then, as we go through our daily lives, even though we may not actively be calling on the gods, or wearing outward symbols of our Troth, they are never far from our minds. Their examples, the ideals that we strive for, the knowledge that we are part of a tradition stretching back thousands of years, those things are always close to our minds and hearts. Our day to day Heathenry manifests itself as truthful dealing with our customers, loyalty to our family, working hard at our jobs, enjoying our time off work, living life as full as possible, laughing at ourselves from time to time. I know.. none of this is revolutionary in concept, this is just how heathens live.

-Vithar and Sigfrith

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