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Irmin’s Way is an Asatru Kindred in Houston, TX. We are dedicated to honoring the Old Ways in a traditional manner, while demonstrating to our community the Honor, Courage, and Nobility of the Heathen. We are open to new members who are interested in respecting the gods of our ancestors. We believe that our commitment to each other and to the gods and tradition binds us in ties of responsibility and kinship that allows us to grow more as individuals than any other path open to us. The gods we follow are not soft, nice or forgiving, but neither is this world we find ourselves in. This is not a religion for everyone, but for those who feel their blood run hot when the wolves howl at the moon in the dark of the night, or for those who would dare to stand out, bold and strong, this may be the religion for you!

Let me take a moment to tell you about the only Asatrú group in Houston! We are called Irmin's Way, Houston Area Kindred. The term "Irmin's Way" is a kenning for the Milky Way. "Irmin" refers to Odin, so "Irmin's Way" implies that the Milky Way galaxy is Odin's "place". There is also a tribe of Germans who worshipped a war-god known as Irmin.   The Houston Asatruar consulted the runes for help choosing a name for our group, and, well... three out of three runecastings say, "Irmin's Way" is it! We are a small group dedicated to providing local Asatruar with a community forum to celebrate the 8 blessings of the year. Our first open - to - the - public blessing was Dec. 31, 1997.  We welcome anyone who is interested in learning about Asatrú, and those who already know about Asatrú, but would like to find a group of like-minded people with whom to celebrate the blessings.  This Kindred is run by Vithar and Valda (Sam & Teresa) Herren.  Sam is the Godhi (or Priest) and has been involved with Asatrú since 1991.  Sam (AKA "Vithar" - see more about taking religious names) has studied with some of the best and most respected names in Asatrú in order to learn the Runic Stadhas and the proper pronunciation and building of the various Hammer Rites, and blessings.  Irmin's Way is a Federally recognized church.

Please direct inquiries to vithar @ irminsway.org

For those interested, our blessing and many of our articles are based on a combination of traditions and ideas taken mostly from Edred Thorsson and Kveldulf Gundarsson's works, with some modifications and some original work done by Tommy Thompson, and further modified by Vithar Herren. We have a loose set of bylaws, and a Creed and a Code that I hope you will take the time to view.

Please wish us luck! And thank you for your time.

Vithar Herren (vithar @ irminsway.org)
Irmin's Way, Houston Area Kindred

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