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Asatru or Heathenry is the religion of the native Northern European peoples. 

We follow the historical gods of our folk, the religion and traditions evolved along with our people and feel very natural to us.  Our religion is one that requires no faith whatsoever.  Faith is the belief in something that cannot be proven.  That sounds like insanity to us!  Our traditions have been around since before recorded history and our gods are alive and present in our lives.  They inspire us to be better people, to act with courage and honor, living true to our word and loyal to our kin and friends.  We tell all new people interested in joining our kindred as a nove (learner) that doubts and questions are normal and healthy for any thinking adult.  That if the gods do not show themselves to you, then perhaps you are not in the right place.  To find out for yourself if the Gods of Germany, Scandinavia, Sweden, England, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland are watching over you and your family you can simply ask them to reveal themselves to you if they are real.  The best way, the surest way of finding out for yourself is coming to one of our blessings (or Blots).  At a certain moment during each Blot we allow any to come forward to the altar (Harrow), and at that moment, you can ask (or even challenge) the gods to reveal themselves to you.  Let us know if you're interested in exploring Heathenry to see if it's right for you.

There are a few ways to decide if you are really a Heathen, but just never knew it.

  • Do you feel that keeping your word is of utmost importance, no matter what?

  • Do you feel that your actions matter more than your thoughts?

  • Do you believe it's important to offer drinks, food, and lodging to your good friends,
    but when you are the guest you feel that it's important for you to contribute something to your host?

  • Do you feel that acting with courage of your convictions is the most admirable (honorable) way to live?

  • Do you feel that it is your right and duty to protect the members of your friends or family that are less able to defend themselves (kids or elderly, especially)?

If you answered YES to these questions...  You might be a Heathen!  Heathenry is definitely not for everyone, it is only for those not afraid of truth; those that have the patience for learning and research; those that have the courage to follow their convictions; those that wish to grow spiritually and mentally into a person that the gods would be proud to associate with.  If you are content to follow the herd, to accept what you are told without question, to trust in others to protect your rights, then you need not apply.

     So what is Asatru?
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What are some basic beliefs of Asatru?         Read the Havamal         Read the Vafthrudnismal

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