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Larger Organizations:

Raven Radio Listen to Music, chat with other heathens, or download Podcasts

Asatru Alliance Around since the 70's. This group is organized as a voluntary alliance of like-minded Kindreds. Only basic information is available here.

Asatrú Folk Assembly Group formed by Steve McNallen in 1994.

Irminsul Aettir Popular Asatru site. Has a contact by area map for locating people and Kindreds.

Rune Guild   Edred Thorrson's International Rune Study Group, headquartered in Bastrop, TX

Rune Net   - an Austrailian based Rune Study group.

Ring of Troth

Frigga's Web Family oriented site!

Odinic Rite

Garths, Hearths, and Kindred sized Organizations in TEXAS:

eikthyrnir kindred - for military veterans

Eagle Grove Kindred - Based in Venus Texas, but folks from all over the metroplex

Order of the Odalists - presumably somewhere in Texas, a bit unclear from the website. But they have a contact form to find out more info.

Groups around the United States

Raven Kindred of the Asatru Alliance

Aernfolk -Eagles Reaches Scandinavian-based North American Folk religion (florida)


Fun Pages:

Gorm the Wired Viking a humorous site

Asatrú Literature on the WWW

The Viking Answer Lady Good articles dealing with common questions!

Asatrú(ish) shops!

The best!

The Jorvik Viking Center - a guided tour through a viking village, online!

World Tree an AA shop w/ lots of good stuff.  We've ordered from them before, and have always been very happy with the products.

Links to Links...

Links - Ásatrú and runes Long list of links, organized into subjects!

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