Tribal clan based family friendly Asatruar Kindred of Heathen religious practices

The Heathen Kinship, A tribo-centric, family friendly, Houston Area Kindred of Asatrú!

Well, we used to be. The Kindred is no more. But the people remain, and remain tru.

Now we are just happy to provide a little information on Heathenry.

We're here to provide a place for interested people to learn about Asatru.  We also provide a place where local Asatruar can get together with like minded people to honor the gods and goddesses during the great blessings of the year!  We're also interested in providing a source of information to the general public, in an effort to educate people on the nature of our religion. We believe that those called to Asatru by the gods will feel the call, we are not out to recruit or convert anyone, but instead we like to make information available, trusting to the gods to call out to the right people.

The Heathen Kinship was formed in September, 2006. We are dedicated to upholding the traditions and values of our ancestors and their gods and religion. We believe that whether or not we are the direct descendants of the gods, we are privileged to be able to know them personally. We believe the gods are alive and real, and not archetypal concepts. We believe that they are aware of the things we do, and interact with us when they need or want to.  

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