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Asatru FAQ Page   The Heathen Kinship's specific perspective on Asatrú

The Blessings used by the Heathen Kinship

Creed         Code

An Extensive list of gods goddesses - copied from The Odin's Volk Kindred in California    

Norse Gods and Goddesses list on Pagan and Proud

What does the Easter Egg and bunny have to do with the Death of Christ? and other fun questions!

Information that applicants need before applying to be a novice (official learner) of the Heathen Kinship. 
Novice is the first step to becoming a full member of the kindred

hmrInformation Packet for Novices that want to become full members (to download this PDF, right click and choose "save as..")

State of the America - an allegorical joke which illustrates some of today's problems.

Diamond Theory of God shattered

hammer of thorHeathen Kinship Blog

hammer of thorConstructing a Viking Tunic

Thor's Hammer marks the spot!Making a Drinking Horn


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