Heathen Kinship Members

The Heathen Kinship is starting up as of 2006. We are open to everyone who would like to study and learn about the Norse/Heathen/Asatru religion! We officially formed a Kindred in 2008, oathing in with 4 members.

Sam / "Vithar" Father of 3! Asatruar since birth, knew what to call it in 1991!  Founded Irminsway kindred in 1998.  Founded first ever Asatru Martial Arts program "Thane Training" in 2001. Founding member, and Godhi of the Heathen Kinship in 2008.   Happily married to the love of his life, Sigfrith.  Together we have a happily blended family of 6 children
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Andrew Founding member of the Heathen Kinship, having been involved in Irmin's Way since 1999, founding member of Irminsway kindred. Father of 3, which are too young to choose a religion yet!
"Andrafn" Friend of Weyland, Craftsman, TRU soul, a new member in 2006.
Simon / "Grimnir" The Heathen Kinship Skald! Friend of Fenris, and follower of Odin, no... it doesn't have to make sense, but that's why we love him! Member since 2006. Oathed at Yule of 2007 as a Godhi of the Heathen Kinship.
Matt / "Bjorn-Galder" Oathed member as of Harvest of 2009. Currently head of the Thane Gild.
"BrightTongue" Oathed Member as of 2009. Full Thane of the Kindred.

Mother of a strong son.  Oathed officially to the kindred at Harvest of 2009! First Gydhja of the Kindred.

Chrisy / "Sigfrith" Mother of 3 wonderful young people.  Full member since Winter Nights 2014.  Happily married to the love of her life, Vithar.    Together we have a happily blended family of 6 children
Aesa Novice as of Mother Night 2013.  Born and raised in the Kindred.  Engaged as of Yule 2013 (Congratulations Aesa!)
TC Accepted as Novice at Harvest Blessing 2014.  Friend of Loki.. and hel a friend to us all.
Natasha Our Lady of Chainmail, beads, and jewelery.  Accepted as novice at Harvest Blessing 2014.
New Folk We have several people that attend regularly, but have not completed all the requirements to move from new folk to actual members of the Kindred yet. Some are actively working on it, some are just enjoying the classes and work we are doing and are not worried about officially joining the kindred. Unfortunately, these cannot be invited to the private ceremonies such as Walpurgisnacht, Mother night, Ritual work, or have a voice in the Thing.


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