Novice Portal

Here are some resources for the Heathen Kinship Novice:

Here are the Novice Requirements.  These are the things you must accomplish before becoming a Novice of the Kindred.

  1. Read the article What is Asatru

  2. Read over the Oath and Profession

  3. Have a genuine desire to join the Kindred as part of our family, and honor the Aesir and Vanir.

  4. Tell a Godhi (or Gydhja) that you wish to join the Kindred as a Novice.

To go above and beyond, we invite you to read the Prose Edda,  and the Havamal.   

Once accepted as a novice, the novice period will last for at least one year and will give the group time to get to know you, and you time to know the group.  At the end of that year, you will have a completed your requirements to become a member and may then ask the group to vote on your membership. (There is no committment or oath required of novices, there IS an oath required of members)


Here are some other helpful things that you might be interested in:

Living Tru (a book that contains everything you need to know about history, beliefs, rituals, and practices of the Heathen Kinship)

The Havamal simple and easy to read       The Havamal  a more scholarly approach to start you thinking

Rune Guide (A page with rune poems and information on the Elder Futhark runes..  you will need to know the basics for membership)

The thanes of the kindred follow the Thane Code.  Reading this will give you an idea of what we expect from our Thanes (warrior protectors)


In addition to the guides listed above, there are a few things each novice should know in order to best fit into the kindred.

 Everyday guidelines for Novices

1.  Never be caught without a weapon (for self-defense).  It is the right of every free person, and specified in the Havamal

2.  Always arrive on time (on time is 15 minutes before you are supposed to be somewhere).

3.  If you are hosting an event always offer each guest something to drink (and possibly something to eat).  Ideally the woman of the house should make the offer.

4.  Legitimate questions are always welcomed, but interruptions in rituals are definitely not.

5.  Enjoy drinking in or out of Sumble, but never become so drunk that you are a disruption

6.  Study by reading the Prose Eddas, the Poetic Eddas, and as many sagas as you can stand!

7.  Take this time to learn.  Socializing is wonderful and a part of building friendships within the kindred, but you will need to make a decision whether to oath lifelong fellowship to this kindred and you have but 1 year to make your decision.